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Governance hidden harmony production
Release time:2015/4/12 15:17:20
Since this year's July 22 to September 28, just less than two months time, the company frequently six security incidents, particularly September 17th and 18th, two days three cases of accidents occur, although are minor accident, but such a short time, so dense frequencies, the company leadership attaches great importance to the September 24 held a working meeting of production safety, each branch, leadership and safety inspection department team members have participated in the meeting. Briefed the meeting on 6 accident, except for a few occasional accident, the rest are caused by illegal operations workers. Premier Zhu at the meeting of each branch, department requirements: For several accidents, check the "three left off" implementation; strengthen safety checks on equipment, electrical equipment (especially special equipment); and strengthening of production workers The security checks; strengthen inspection of the implementation process. While the company safety inspectors requested requires inspectors to take responsibility, skills in place, can grasp the safety knowledge, in the inspection should dare to identify problems, ask questions.

      Conventionally, October 28, the company-wide safety inspection team to the company's production safety situation was examined. After the inspection, the inspection team was held in wrap-up boutique factory site, the inspection found the problem are summarized, as follows: 1, a plant found in the "naked power" phenomenon. A power distribution box in a factory workshop, the knife cover missing, wires random access, prone to leakage accident. 2, a branch of the fire box placed gloves, cotton and other debris, some of the fire extinguisher label does not meet the requirements. 3, some of the production workshop production site is a bit confusing, safe passage is not smooth. Zhuzong plants in the field that is responsible for and participate in the examination officer, who checked in a branch, department finds safety issues and risks, the need for rectification, while other departments and plants should also be giving top priority to find a similar problem, self-examination self-change.

      Another site summary will also combine individual vulcanizing machine control section boutique branch decomposition appear abnormal, causing the middle mold had dropped to the ground, smashed accidents pedal steel, it is the essence of safety equipment are discussed in the original factory quality the more timely emergency interim measure, based on the requirements of further warning notice to be striking improvement, stressed the need to allow suppliers to find defects as soon as possible reasons for the replacement of the original or the flow control valve. Each branch (department) also draws on the hidden elevator, lifting equipment and key equipment to do a focus on safety checks.

      Zhuzong giving participants explain and introduce cleaner production and recycling of basic knowledge on the requirements of each branch (department) to go back as soon as possible to check and improve environmental protection "economic" sense for enterprises reduce "negative." Especially at this stage to do, does not leak oil, dust does not fly in the outdoor (open air) maintenance operations on the ground must be covered with tarps, the operation, the ground no oil, residues and other impurities. Participants agreed that the inspectors, safety work should lead to the relocation of enterprises before each branch, department leadership attaches great importance to security in the event of an accident, workers not only physical or mental harm, loss of business is huge. I hope that through our joint efforts to create a safe and harmonious production environment, reduce the incidence of accidents, to promote enterprise development, the successful relocation of factories to meet.

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